Finnish construction is among the best in the world. The cutting-edge Finnish construction work is well known for its quality and the reliability of the contractors. Construction is well organized and regulated, while the parties involved are amongst the most comprehensively educated in the world. With projects developing into more complex and broader forms, the management of the projects require more and more resources and professional know-how.

We at Vison provide consulting, training and counselling for all things related to demanding projects, all the while making sure that the projects reach their goals within the given budget and time frame. Without compromising quality.

Visonin suomen- ja englanninkieliset Allianssiraportit 012020
Visonin suomen- ja englanninkieliset Allianssiraportit 012020

We offer consulting in the procurement of complex projects and services and Lean Construction, as well as project and organisation level training and counselling. We have worked as consultants in over 100 integrated project deliveries and in dozens of other demanding public procurements.

We bring all the parties involved in a project together, all the while utilising our combined know-how to prevent the loss of value and guarantee the best possible foundation for the success of the project.

Our objective is to improve and refine Finnish project delivery and Lean Construction and by doing so, make Finnish real estate development and construction the best in the world.

Vison was established in 2012 and now 30 people work at or Helsinki and Oulu offices.

Vison in numbers (11/2023)

IPT Projects About 100
Alliances 66
Takt production projects over 50
Value of the projects nearly 9,0 billion euros
Feedback from our Lean training 4,5 (on a scale of 1 – 5)
Personnel 30
Our yearly growth about 10 %
Annual revenue (2022-2023) 3,3 million euros
Business profit over 10 %


Lars Albäck ›

Executive advisor, M. Sc. (Business)

Tel. +358 40 503 3672

As an executive advisor, Lasse focuses on the utilization of knowledge-based capital in real estate and construction, in tandem with the streamlining of data. The aim is to advance project management, flow, and collaboration by establishing the foundation for confidential data sharing and utilization. This helps the industry in improving productivity, transitioning to green practices, and creating customer value.

Lasse’s previous role as the CEO of Vastuu Group has helped him become a central figure and spokesperson for the usage of knowledge-based capital in construction.

He has a family of four. In his free time, Lasse enjoys various sports such as golf, paddle, cross-country skiing, and downhill skiing. Cottage stays and sailing are also close to his heart.

Nina Flinck ›

Project manager, Architect

Tel: +358 440 401 515

Nina coordinates Vison’s procurement and project consulting projects, as well as research and development projects for client organizations.

Using her background as an architect and theories from organizational psychology and interaction research, as well as perspectives from ISO 9001 Lead Auditors and Systemic Business Coaches, Nina flexibly adapts to meet her clients’ needs and goals.

Nina is passionate about changing systems and culture, and strengthening cooperative work and continuous improvement. She is also working towards her doctoral thesis on project stakeholders’ interaction and agency in construction projects at Tampere University.

To clear her mind, Nina reads books, paints portraits, and enjoys the stunning natural beauty of Finland.

Aleksi Heinonen ›

Partner, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel: +358 504 871 477

Aleksi oversees the streamlining of demanding projects and takt production consulting.

Aleksi is an international pioneer in single flow takt production, who encourages builders to push their standardized production to perfection. He got interested in construction through architecture and started working within the sector after participating in cruise ship renovations. Aleksi has studied product development and industrial economy and graduated from the Helsinki University of Technology in 2007 as a graduate engineer.

Aleksi spends his spare time with his family at their cottage, at sea, or with his children.

Eemeli Inkala ›

Junior Constultant, B. Sc (Tech)

Tel: +358 44 282 6948

Eemeli’s tasks as a junior consultant include assisting in Vison’s client projects, procurement planning and execution, and tasks related to Vison’s internal development.

He studies currently in the Master’s Programm of Building Technology in Aalto University.

Anni Jolkkonen ›

Communication assistant, BA (Journalism)

Tel: +358 40 480 4313

Anni coordinates Visons communicational efforts and maintains Visons social media platforms. She is pursuing a Master’s degree in journalism at the University of Jyväskylä

Harri Kailasalo ›

Executive advisor, eMBA, DI

Sari Koskelo

Sari Koskelo ›

District manager, M.Sc (Tech)

Tel: +358 404 194 941

Sari works as a district manager in Oulu, but she is also involved in projects in different stages of their life cycle in southern Finland. Additionally, she is closely involved in coordinating research and development projects in the construction industry.

Interesting assignments and new challenges constantly motivate Sari to develop her own expertise and to challenge other parties to develop as well. In customer projects, she enjoys working together and developing processes that aim for successful project execution and goal achievement.

In her free time, Sari exercises, meets her friends, and spends time with her family.

Karoliina Kumpulainen ›

Legal Council, Master of Laws

Tel: +358 40 741 3916

Karoliina is actively involved in various customer projects as a legal expert at Vison. Her areas of expertise include the planning and execution of procurement processes.

Karoliina completed her Master of Laws degree in the spring of 2023. In her free time, she enjoys spending time on climbing walls and doing yoga, as well as the company of her friends and her dog.

Kaj Lampinen ›

Tel: +358 50 566 8475

Kaj’s tasks as an assisting consultant include assisting in various client projects, including strategy, procurement, and project consulting.

He studies currently in the bachelor’s program in Finance in Hanken School of Economics

Lauri Merikallio ›

Partner, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel: +358 400 450 217

Lauri works as a coach and Lean Construction consultant in projects from start to finish.

Lauri got the spark for Lean Construction as a researcher for the University of California, Berkeley. He has worked in countless projects, providing training and consulting in the design of project systems, early integration, sparring of project leaders, improvement of integrated teams, big room planning, Last Planner Systems and takt production.

Lauri has been awarded several honours within the Finnish building sector for his accomplishments in tackling demanding projects. In his spare time Lauri likes to go sailing, make music with his friends, uphold a healthy lifestyle, and spend quality time with his family.

Tarja Merikallio ›

Partner, D.Sc. (Tech.)

Tel: +358 50 434 8335

Tarja specializes in concrete construction, lean construction, and strategic management. 

Tarja has previously worked as a managing director at Concrete Association of Finland, a development manager at Lemminkäinen Infra Oy, and a researcher at the University of California Berkeley. She has also served on the board of the Finnish association of civil engineers (RIL).

Eero Moilanen ›

Partner, M. Sc. (Tech), Northern front, Oulu

Tel: +358 400 586 420

Eero works as a coach at both individual and organizational levels in different phases of the construction project lifecycle.

He is excited about all things beginning with the letter “e” in his projects:

  • ethics
  • ecology
  • economy
  • epicness
  • ethnicity
  • ecosystem
  • etymology

Eero seeks the size and power of the challenges and opportunities of teamwork from the nearby nature. He is inspired by adventurous trips to the wilderness and ultramarathons throughout the year.

Sofia Moilanen ›

Consultant, M. Sc. (Social Sciences)

Tel: +358 45 6501890

Sofia works as a consultant in the Helsinki office. Her role involves assisting clients with challenges related to data and data-driven management, as well as promoting effective project-related information. Sofia places great importance on understanding the needs of her clients and collaboratively finding the best solutions.

Her expertise lies in defining the content of digital project status dashboards with clients, producing these dashboards, and addressing challenges related to their utilization. Sofia has specific experience in dashboards during the production phase, but she is willing to work in all phases of a project’s lifecycle, seeking suitable data-focused solutions. Her previous work in a construction company makes projects that ease daily operations and solve data challenges on construction sites particularly meaningful to her.

In her free time, Sofia can be found either doing crossfit, walking dogs, or enjoying a relaxed evening with friends. She prefers spending her vacations in snowy landscapes, whether it’s skiing or snowboarding in the Alps or Lapland. Sofia, along with Eero, has been representing Team Vison in adventure races in Northern Finland for several years, with varying degrees of success.

Veera Muukkonen ›

Project manager, M.Sc (Tech)

Tel: +358 408 278 170

Veera is part of Vison’s team in Oulu and is involved in consulting on client projects, as well as organizing events for research and development projects. Veera’s areas of expertise include procurement consulting, process development, lean, and organizing various virtual events. She has previous work experience in industrial production and project material procurement.

Veera graduated from the University of Oulu with a degree in Industrial Engineering and Management in 2020. In her thesis, she studied the development of the planning process for collaborative construction projects. In her free time, Veera enjoys playing volleyball and spending time with friends.

Anders Nordström ›

Partner, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel: +358 405 255 561

Anders is responsible for designing and tendering implementation models for public infrastructure and other construction projects, ranging from schools and hospitals to tramlines.

Specializing in supporting collaboration between clients and various stakeholders, Anders has held leadership positions in construction companies and various public sector organizations. He has extensive experience with international and domestic organizations in the field (such as PANK, SVMF, RIL, and PTL).

In addition, Anders is a certified “partneringledare” in Sweden. In his free time, he enjoys woodworking with a hammer in hand.

Aleksi Pesonen ›

Consultant, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel: +358 44 3362550

Aleksi works as a consultant in Vison’s Helsinki office. His job description includes supporting clients’ knowledge management and fostering AI transformation in the industry. One of Aleksi’s goals is to develop modern services to solve project challenges and support sustainable development in the industry. Aleksi is particularly interested in introducing lean thinking into organizations and promoting a deeper cultural change in the operational subculture towards leaner industrial construction.  

Outside of work, Aleksi enjoys sports, fishing and going to summer cottage. Volleyball and going to the gym in particular warm Aleksi’s heart. The balance between physical and mental endurance creates the basis for innovations and new solutions.   

Antti Piirainen ›

Partner, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel: +358 400 777 705

Antti works ceaselessly with his clients to increase the value creation of the real estate and construction sector, thus increasing the productivity of the sector.

Antti is interested in Lean philosophy, integrated project deliveries and the facilitating and improving of project leadership. He has experience of over 30 integrated project deliveries, starting from the first alliance projects in Finland. Antti had amassed over 30 years of combined experience within different public administration services and leadership positions, before starting at Vison, making him one of the most experienced actors within the industry.

Antti studied to become a graduate engineer and enjoys art, music and discovering different cultures, with a side of golf.

Hannu Ratamäki ›


Tel: +358 40 081 8215

Hannu specializes in urban construction, project management, and lean construction. 

Hannu has an extensive experience in project management in different construction projects and in demanding urban environments. He enjoys having stimulating conversations and working hands-on on the construction site.

Samppa Roimela

Samppa Roimela ›

Consultant, M.Sc (Economics)

Tel: +358 445 048 951

Samppa works as an expert in project consulting, striving to meet the customer’s needs and solving problems that arise by processing and shaping project-related information. His areas of expertise include building digital project status dashboard and performing tasks related to data processing and data-driven management.

Samppa graduated with a Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration from LUT University in 2022. His master’s thesis focused on the suitability of the pay-off method for calculating risk reserve of alliance project.

In his free time, Samppa enjoys spending time with his friends, cooking, or watching Arsenal matches.

Miika Ronkainen ›

Managing partner, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel: +358 408 610 938

Miika works as a lean coach and stands for the development of project integration and flow efficiency. He is also the executive director for the Finnish Lean Construction institute.

Elias Räinä ›

Assisting consultant, B. Sc (Tech)

Tel. +358 50 434 4886

Jani Saarinen ›

Chairman, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel: +358 400 625 670

Jani oversees the design process of the planning models for public procurements and the competitive tendering of churches to railroads and more demanding service agreements.

Jani specializes in strategic leadership and constantly pushing his clients to improve their work and design processes. Jani has a broad understanding and many years of experience concerning the real estate and construction sector, having previously worked as the CEO in the oldest Finnish engineering firm, RAKLI and in many other leadership positions within the public infrastructure sector. His know-how includes, but is not limited to, infrastructure projects and financing and contracting models within the real estate and building sectors, as well as knowledge of the many different national and international organisations within the sector.

Jani is also a certified property manager and glazier, as well as a graduate engineer in civil engineering, who, in his spare time, likes to play ballgames of all kinds and taste wines, in equal measure.

Aron Sajavaara ›

Consultant, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel. +358 40 583 0436

Aron works in project consulting during client projects, as well as internal R&D. He finds sustainability, long-term relevance and cooperation to be key pillars of a successful project.

Compartmentalization and stifling pre-existing attitudes are themes that Aron wants to positively impact moving forwards. Aron graduated in spring 2023, having worked on his master’s as a part of a publicly funded research project on smart buildings. He finds the possibilities of digitalization in relation to future built environment to be endless.

Aron spends his free time either in the kitchen or commanding armies of miniatures to victory in tabletop wargames. His current favourite recipe is Vietnamese spring rolls.

Emilia Sillanpää ›

Consultant, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel. +358 40 708 3163

Emilia did her master’s thesis for Vison on value management on construction projects focusing specifically on sustainability aspects. She’s graduated from industrial engineering and management at University of Oulu in the spring of 2024.

During her free time she likes to cook, read and dream about having a cat.  

Maarit Taponen ›

Project assistant, BBA

Tel: +358 407 357 896

Maarit is responsible for human resource and economy management, as well as Visons office itself.

Mikko Tuohino ›

Project manager, M.Sc (Tech)

Tel: +358 50 533 4990

Mikko is a procurement and project consulting expert at Vison. He has previously worked in the industry with both construction and design as well as research and development. Interest in learning has always guided his career path. Mikko is keen on developing the construction industry and especially the design part of it.

Rami Tuokko ›

Partner, M. Sc. (Tech)

Tel: +358 415 447 187

Rami is responsible for the strategic- and procurement consulting, related to real estate and construction projects. He is capable in designing project systems, implementation models and procurement procedures, as well as leading projects.

Juha Virolainen ›


Tel: +358 401 626 216

Juha is a specialist in collaborative agreements, procurement processes and public procurements.

Through trial and error, Juha has realized that the key to effective construction projects is improving the possibilities of collaboration between parties, thus reducing the waste of resources and time.

In his spare time Juha likes to exercise and tinker with his summer cottage.

Rauli Wallén ›

Business Director, M.Sc. (Tech)

Tel: +358 505 360 234

Rauli is responsible for Vison Oy’s project consulting business.

In addition to managing the business of project consulting, Rauli spends most of his working time with clients solving problems and moving things forward together, from the procurement phase to the construction phase.

He is interested in the development of the entire industry, enthusiastically solves his clients’ challenges and coaches them towards more efficient ways of working.

Rauli devotes his free time to his family, to dreaming about his own construction project and to the windy weather outside with his boat.

Olli Yrjänä ›

Constultant, M. Sc (Tech)

Tel. +358 40 183 1256

Visonin suomen- ja englanninkieliset Allianssiraportit 012020
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