Integrated methods of procurement being adopted for new types of projects

Of the aggregate value of all the alliance projects launched to date, 24% relate to infrastructure investments, 70% to housing investments and 6% to other projects and services. Of all construction projects, new construction accounts for 71% and buildings repairs and renovations 29%.

In terms of numbers, most of the projects launched under the alliance model are new construction or renovation projects for residential buildings (13), schools (12), hospitals (12) or business premises (12). A special feature of these projects is the engagement of the users and the large number of stakeholders, something that the alliance model provides an excellent platform for.

In terms of costs, hospitals and health centres (EUR 3.2 billion) as well as tramway projects (EUR 1.4 billion) account for the largest share of alliance projects. These categories also include the largest single “megaprojects” in budgetary terms. For example, the Laakso Joint Hospital and the Kalasatama-Pasila tramline projects offer an opportunity to delve deeper into the new ways of working, contract integration and lean construction.


The Laakso Joint Hospital

The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) together with the City of Helsinki are executing a new hospital complex in Laakso with the alliance model. The renewed hospital district will become an internationally significant hub of expertise in psychiatry, geriatrics and neurological rehabilitation.

Making use of the current hospital premises of the district requires extensive renovation and building of completely new premises. The project of the Laakso hospital complex will be carried out stage by stage from 2021 to 2030. The estimated floor area of the project is about 152,000 m2 and the estimated cost about 840 million euros.

The strength of the alliance model manifests itself in extensive projects, which entail many uncertainties. The alliance model allows for flexibility to implement changes in an extremely wide project of two contracting authorities. Vison acts as the procurement and alliance expert of the project.

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Oulu University Hospital is the largest hospital in Finland in terms of personnel, sharing responsibility for the specialized medical care in Northern Finland together with the Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital district.

On the site of the old hospital a new main building will be built, consisting of blocks A, B and C. Construction of block A started in early 2019. The more efficient hospital cut expenses by an estimated one million euros per week. The total cost of the new hospital complex will be around 1.6 billion euros, with the share of new construction amounting to around 900 million euros. The share of the overall budget of block B is about 375 million euros.

The project has focused, among other things, on distributions suitable for TATE service areas of similar size, and on the selection of task specific batch size. OYS-B might be the world’s first hospital designed and built simultaneously at the pace of a day. Takt time production has been counselled by Vison Oy.

Jorvi Hospital

The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa (HUS) will have a new ward block built on the territory of Jorvi Hospital, using the alliance model. The objective of the project is to create premises, which are flexible to changes in terms of functionality and building services, opting for energy efficiency and low-carbon construction. The estimated floor area of the new building will be around 49,600 m2 and the estimated cost around 225 million euros.

The project plan will be ready in April 2021 and the aim is to start building in 2022. The planned opening of the building will be in 2026. Vison acts as the project consultant in project planning, and as a scheduling coordinator during the development stage.

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The alliance model has also been introduced in four road and railway maintenance contracts in Finland. These projects are The Kalasatama-Pasial project, Crown Bridges Light Rail, Tampereen ratikka and Raide-Jokeri. You can read more info about the projects from the links below.

The Kalasatama-Pasila Project:
Crown Bridges Light Rail:
Tampereen ratikka:

10 years of alliance projects

Over the past 10 years, Vison has served as a consultant, expert and coach on some 100 complex IPD projects from railways, hospitals and churches to infrastructure maintenance and ICT projects executed using the alliance model. The total value of these consultation projects exceeds 7 billion euros. The following list concludes all Vison’s projects since 2012.

Lielahti-Kokemäki railway renovation Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Vuolukiventie 1B renovation University Of Helsinki
Tampere Tunnel Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and City of Tampere
Helsinki Airport pavement maintenance contract Finavia
Lahti Travel Centre City of Lahti
Headquarters of Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare Senate Properties
Apartment house Retkeilijänkatu 3-7, Helsinki Fira Oy
Pakila street network maintenance contract City of Helsinki
Järvenpää Hospital Kiinteistö Oy Järvenpään Terveystalo
Tampere Tramway City of Tampere
Oulu Children’s and Women’s Hospital The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District
Kainuu Central Hospital Kainuu Social Welfare and Health Care Joint Authority
Apron extension at Helsinki Airport Finavia
Naantali Power Plant Turun Seudun Energiatuotanto
Joensuu Courthouse and Police Station Senate Properties
Hanaholmen Culture Center renovatio Senate Properties
VTT Centre for Nuclear Safety Senate Properties
Renovation of Jyrkkälä apartment block, Turku KOy Jyrkkälänpolku
Hiukkavaara Community Centre City of Oulu
Kotka Police Station Senate Properties
Apartment house Gunillankallio 10, Helsinki The Seafarers’ Pension Fund
Kempele Health Centre expansion Kempele Municipality
Harppuunakortteli apartment block, Turku The Seafarers’ Pension Fund
Renovation of highway 6 Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Äänekoski-Jyväskylä railway renovation Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Central Jakomäki redevelopment City of Helsinki
Syvälahti School City of Turku
Helsinki Think Corner renovation University of Helsinki
Pitkäkangas School renovation City of Oulu
Pohjankartano School renovation City of Oulu
Tesoma social and healthcare service contract City of Tampere
Apartment house Raitinkartano, Espoo The Seafarers’ Pension Fund
Yli-Maarira School City of Turku
Suomenlinna Tunnel Suomenlinna Administrative Board
Railway network maintenance contract KP2 Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Helsinki Jokeri Light Rail Cities of Helsinki and Espoo
Hämeenlinna Central Hospital KHSHP
Helsinki Airport terminal expansion Finavia
Lahti Southern Ring Roas Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Kuopio University Hospital Kuopio University Hospital
Vaasa Central Hospital H building Vantaa Central Hopital
Tikkurila Church Vantaa Parish Union
Keravanjoki School City of Kerava
Espoo Monikko City of Espoo
Rajatorppa and Hämeenkylä Schools City of VAntaa
Apartment house renovation contract, Helsinki HOAS
Lohja Education Centre (Laurentiustalo) City of Lohja
Road information system ICT alliance Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Infrastructure cost management ICT alliance Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and Cities of Helsinki, Espoo, Jyväskylä, Tampere, Turku and Vantaa
Street lightning and traffic lights contract City of Joensuu
Uudenmaankatu office building renovation, Helsinki Kiinteistö Oy Helsingin Uudenmaankatu 16-20
Oulu Future Hospital B building The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District
Railway network maintenance contract KP1 Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Lapland Central Hospital expansion Lapland Hospital District
Tammela Stadion City of Tampere
Turku street network maintenance contract City of Turku
University of Helsinki main building renovation University of Helsinki
Apartment house Kulttuurimajakka, Espoo The Seafarers’ Pension Fund
Tapiola Church renovation Espoo Parish Union
Ylivieska Church Ylivieska parish
Pakilanpuisto Schools and Day Care Center City of Helsinki
Helsinki Crown Bridges Light Rail City of Helsinki and Helsinki City Transport
Helsinki Kalasatama Light Rail City of Helsinki and Helsinki City Transport
Hippos student housing block, Tampere TOAS
Operator services of Tampere Tramway City of Tampere
Helsinki Finnish-Russian School Senate Properties
City Hall renovation City of Lahti
Jätkäsaari football hall, Helsinki PPJ
Oulu Hospital C building The Northern Ostrobothnia Hospital District
Turku Concert Hall City of Turku
Merikampus of Vaasa University of Vaasa
The Laakso Joint Hospital The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa and city of Helsinki
Jorvi Hospital The Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa
Hailuoto fixed link Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Kouvolan Asunnot appartments renovation Kouvolan Asunnot OY
Successive renovations -project Asuntosäätiö
KP2: Track and signalling system maintenance, service alliance Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency
Kokkola sportspark City of Kokkola
SUPO-HOUSE Senate Properties
National museum expansion Senate Properties
Vantaa prison new building Senate Properties
Kupittaa Partnership Project City of Turku
Vaasa cycling alliance City of Vaasa