Privacy policy for Vison’s customer registry

Privacy policy document according to the general data protection regulation (EU) 2016/679.

1. Controller

Vison Oy (business ID: 2481700-7)
Lapinrinne 3
00100 Helsinki

2. Controller’s contact person

Juha Virolainen
Lapinrinne 3
00100 Helsinki

3. Reasoning behind the registry and the legal basis for the processing

The personal information is used for strengthening the bond between customers and associates, as well as for the development and direction of the registry holder’s and its associates’ advertising, through the registry holder’s services.

The legal basis for the procedure is either a person’s permission or a contractual relation, in which the registered person acts as a collaborative part or its representative or contact person.

4. The information stored in the registry

The registry may include the following information:

– Name
– Email
– Telephone number
– Organisation and position
– Organisation address and business id
– Other possible information given by the person in question

5. Regular repositories and the granting information

The information stored in the registry is sourced from the registered person in question.

The participation list of a group project or event can be shared with people engaging in these activities. The registry holder won’t share registered information with external parties, unless required according to Finnish law or by the authorities. Information won’t be searched outside the EU or ETA.

6. The registry’s principles of protection

Manually saved information are saved in a locked state. Digitally saved information is located on a password-protected server. People responsible for personal information have professional confidentiality concerning information gathered from the registry.

7. Checking, correcting, and deleting information

All associated parts have the right to inspect the information stored about them. The inspection request must be sent to the controller’s contact person (see point 3). The given permission can whenever be revoked. All registered personnel have the right to submit a complaint to the local data protection authorities if the associated information has been wrongly used.

8. Preserving of personal information

Personal information, whose processing is no longer actual, are deleted once a year in May.